Aluminium & Steel Fabrication



Custom Builds & Repairs

When it comes to custom fabrication, whether for new builds or repairs, ACE Suspension & Fabrication in Lismore, has got you covered. We provide a wide range of metal fabrication services, including pressing, welding, notching, shearing, guillotining and forming.
Our qualified team has extensive experience in metal fabrication, this enables us to deliver exceptional results using specialised techniques. We’re well equipped with the ability to deliver durable metal products according to your exact specifications and requirements.
Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication is the ideal solution for metal and steel products that need to meet custom specifications for a particular purpose. Among many other products, custom toolboxes, bus shelters, industrial bins, floodgates and industrial bins, can all be manufactured in steel or aluminium.

Metal Supplies

Our workshop is always fully stocked with a good supply of high grade steel and aluminium, that way we can ensure we are able to meet all requests for metal fabrication projects. Having a range of metals available means we can efficiently fabricate orders as they come in, minimising waiting times.
Bended Pipe

Pipe Bending & Rolling

From custom hand railings and balustrade to specialised fencing and industrial shelving and a broad range of other applications, our state of the art equipment will do the job with ease and precision. We can accommodate any project where pipe rolling or bending is required, even for solid and flat pipes.


Whether you require MIG, TIG or standard stick welding, our skilled team can provide strong and durable precision welds for a clean and smooth finish, without compromising on the functionality of the product. Clean joins are key to a professional looking end result on any metal fabricated product. No matter your welding needs, our team is well equipped to accommodate.
Talk to us today to find out how we can help you with your metal fabrication project.