Shock Absorbers & Suspensions



Installations, Repairs & Resets

With a team that specialises in suspension systems and resets, ACE Suspension & Fabrication in Lismore has become the go-to for all things suspension related. While our primary expertise is in leaf resetting, our lengthy experience extends to all vehicle makes and models.


These are a few of the suspension services we provide:


Suspension Checks

Comprehensive under-vehicle diagnostic checks for 4x4’s, cars, utes and trucks. Regardless of the type of vehicle, our knowledgeable team has the capacity to help you get better on road handling and off road performance, a more comfortable ride and improved efficiency.
Car Lift

Leaf Resetting

This service is ideal for new vehicles that may need additional spring leaves to strengthen support for greater loads. Carry heavier or bulkier loads without compromising on the handling or performance of your vehicle. We can also raise or lower the vehicle height for cars, utes, 4WD’s, caravans, trailers and light trucks, with leaf resetting.

Lift Kits & Suspension Parts

We carry a comprehensive range of suspension parts, accessories and lift kits from reputable brands. Once we know exactly what you are looking for, we can customise a lift kit to suit your requirements and also carry out the installation. We can also do a wheel alignment following the fitting of to make sure your wheels are balanced for peak performance.

Shock Absorbers

If your tyres appear to be wearing unevenly or your vehicle seems to rattle or slide while you drive, it may be time to replace your shock absorbers. Keep your tyres firmly and safely on the road while improving steering and handling for better ride comfort and stability, with new shocks.
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